DMA Global Difference

  • Services to save time and add value to your hiring processes.
  • Specific, predictable, proficient and professional results.
  • Proprietary Professional recruiting systems and processes.
  • Ownership Mentality.
  • Timely and accurate benchmarking and skills weighting.

Proprietary 7-Step Selection Process

  • Tailored for your requirements
  • Quantifiable skills evaluation process works to fit your requirements
  • Best available candidates are presented reflecting your identified benchmarks and weighting

DMA Profiler SureMatch System

By using our trade-marked proprietary benchmarking tool, we give you access to Candidate’s own self-evaluation, feedback from references, and our Recruitment Staff. The DMA ProfilerTM also provides you with an evaluative roadmap to ensure that your interview is performed in such a way that information is synthesized – even before you leave the room!