DevOps Engineer - Healthcare

Information Technology   |   Calgary

Job Description

Information Technology

DMA Global is a Professional Recruitment Firm supporting our client in thier search for a Senior DevOps Engineer.

You are a DevOps Engineer who will be responsible for helping design, maintain and administer complex data systems for our client deployments as well as our internal company needs. Your primary duties will include designing, deploying and maintaining infrastructures and networks, managing virtual servers or containers for deployment, setting up the code repositories and CI/CD pipelines, enabling backup and disaster recovery operations, establishing and enforcing policies and technologies for protecting sensitive data and software from external attacks and internal errors, monitoring performance and efficiency of resources, scaling systems as required to handle increased loads, and coordinating with the development team for product releases. You will work closely with management and developers to identify potential issues, fix problems, and recommend standards-based solutions to complex problems.

You have a strong understanding of software deployment and release, network and software engineering processes and infrastructure. You also have good working experience with deploying and integrating Big Data ecosystem, You will need to be able to implement, administer and troubleshoot networked systems including Linux servers (Windows experience also desirable), firewalls, and mainstream proxies. A deep knowledge of application transport and network infrastructure protocols is desired. Experience in both on-premise implementation, cloud implementations (including AWS) and hybrid approaches is highly desirable.

Experience in security processes and technology is a bonus, including standard-based approaches to securing servers (e.g. NIST 800) and information systems security in general (e.g. ISO 27002).

Duties include:

• Design, deploy, maintain, administer, and improve IT infrastructure and related computing environments including systems software, applications software, and configurations in on premise deployments.

• Troubleshoot, diagnose and resolve hardware, software, and other network and system problems.

• Deploy, configure, maintain and decommission Linux servers and networking technology.

• Design, deploy, maintain and improve release support processes and technology to support ongoing maintenance of software installed at multiple client sites.

• Perform disaster recovery operations and data backups when required.

• Monitor networks and servers for performance, resource utilization and system security, optimize and secure as required.

• Install security measures and operate software to protect systems and information infrastructure, including firewalls and data encryption programs.

• Protect data, software, and hardware by coordinating, planning and implementing best practices.

• Work with developing security team to perform tests, uncover network vulnerabilities and develop company-wide best practices for privacy and security.

• Stay up-to-date on information technology trends and security standards.

Qualifications must include:

• Strong experience with container orchestration such as Kubernetes, Docker Swarm.

• Proficient in building automated deployments (mostly on-prem) using configuration management tools such as Ansible, Puppet, Chef etc.

• Strong experience with seamless/automated build scripts used for release management across all environments. Solid knowledge of managing CI/CD tools and pipelines.

• Strong experience with deploying engineering applications at a large scale in an agile environment.

• Solid understanding and experience with microservices deployment, API Gateway, KeyCloak and identity federation with LDAP or Active Directory.

• Strong scripting skills, i.e., Bash, Python and practical Linux system administration skills.

• Understanding of firewalls, reverse proxies, load balancing, security incident management, antivirus, and intrusion protection concepts.

• Ability to identify and mitigate network vulnerabilities and explain how to avoid them.

• Understanding of patch management and custom software upgrades with the ability to deploy patches and upgrades in a timely manner while understanding business impact.

• Demonstrated ability to work both independently and in a collaborative team environment, and meet required schedules and timelines

• Outstanding skills in communicating complex technical issues and in providing comprehensive written, oral and/or digital products (including document organization and technical writing)

• Strong analytic skills and the ability to apply these skills in a multi-tasking environment where multiple projects are worked on simultaneously

• Able to deal graciously and effectively with ambiguity and requests for change

• Willingness to research and learn new approaches and technologies

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, or equivalent Certifications in networking and/or security are optional but desirable.