Manager, Acoustics Test Engineering

Engineering   |   Calgary

Job Description


The Manager of Acoustic Engineering will develop and work with acoustic signal processing algorithm, help us develop world-class acoustic hardware and will engage collaboratively with the testing and software teams to quantify algorithm performance in the context of large data sets. A contributor in this position will focus on data analysis, algorithm refinement, and validation. Time will be split between multiple modalities of acoustic sensing, two way voice/telephony, and in cabin audio quality applications.

Day-to-day Responsibilities Include

• Develop, prototype, and evaluate new and existing algorithms

• Analyze and process acoustic datasets in bulk: data sets acquired through controlled tests and as well as regular operation of the fleet in real world conditions

• Support component and algorithm parameter tuning efforts for both in house and 3rd party systems

• Evaluate and help develop hardware solutions for acoustic problems

You should apply for this role if you have the following qualifications

• 5+ years of experience cumulative in acoustics, time series signal processing or speech processing, Matlab, C++, and algorithm development

• Proficiency with statistical data analysis and large datasets

• Experience with feature extraction and machine learning approaches (e.g. music genre classification or speech recognition)

• A foundation in digital audio, electro-mechanical systems, and physical acoustics

• Strong organizational and both visual and verbal communication skills Bonus Points

• Experience with spatial filtering and wind noise reduction algorithms

• Experience with a complete algorithm development or system lifecycle

• Experience with digital audio protocols, and comfort with audio hardware

• Experience in the automotive/medical/defense industry

• Experience with ROS/Python

• Experience with Comsol / Ansys

• Experience with B&K software

• Experience with USB audio

• Experience with VOIP/AES67 systems Perks of being a Cruiser